The Winnipeg Ostomy Association's Website 20th Anniversary

August 5, 2015 is the 20th Anniversary of the Winnipeg Ostomy Association's Website. The Internet and computers were very different back then, both very slow and very primitive. My modem was a 9,600 bps model which works out to about 4 MB per hour! How did I get started creating websites? I was a volunteer for the Muddy Waters Computer Group at The Computer Expo in the spring of 1995 and had the good fortune to speak with Richard Denesiuk at the Creative Retirement Manitoba booth. In chatting he said that he was running HTML classes and that I would be welcome to go. I was the newsletter editor at the time and was just realizing the potential of the Internet so I took him up on his gracious offer. After the workshop was over I decided that the W.O.A. should have a website. I talked to Richard and he said that Creative Retirement would host it for us. Great news, we were off and running!.

Our first URL was and everything was on one page. Information was included about the United Ostomy Association, a U.S. based group that the WOA were a chapter of, because they had no website at that time. The United Ostomy Association of Canada was also included for the same reason. The main reason the website was started was due to the utter lack of information on ostomies on the Internet.

Why start it August 5th? The UOA Conference in Las Vegas was starting on August 13th and I wanted to have the website working before the conference began. I was gratefully going as the W.O.A. representative. The process for getting the site up on the web was ponderous, I would create it at home, put it on a floppy disk, take it to Creative Retirement and Richard would upload it to the server. If there were any errors I would email Richard and he would correct them for me.

It's a much easier task now because I am able to upload the site directly from home. I must admit that I am still using a variant of the text editor style HTML program I began using 20 years ago. It's called HTML Assistant Pro 2000, so I am 15 years behind the curve and still working with the HTML directly instead of using a WYSIWYG program. I have used Dreamweaver but the cost is prohibitive and I guess that I'm a creature of habit. Maybe when I retire I will experiment with some more user friendly web design programs.

So, click the graphic below and you will go 20 years back in time.

Stay healthy,
Mike Leverick
WOA Webmaster

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