September/October 2004
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From The President's Desk

Hi Everybody! September is upon us and I sure hope you enjoyed our summer, whenever it was. I don't think we have had summer since August of 2003 here in southern Manitoba!

In this newsletter you will read of a number of items with regards to the Manitoba Ostomy Program.

First and foremost is the announcement by the Honourable J. Rondeau, Minister of Family Living, of the elimination of the co-payment on ostomy supplies, thus fulfilling the Premier's promise of the election campaign in 2003. The official news release can be found on page 6. Implementation of the reimbursement process will be announced shortly.

Second, all home care ostomy clients of the Manitoba Ostomy Program will be receiving a letter from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) advising that the WRHA will be moving its supply and distribution services from the Materials Distribution Agency to their own internal services at the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg. While this change will not take place until September 2005, the letter this month will be of a general nature with a more detailed communication to follow in the spring of 2005. Ongoing communication with the Winnipeg Ostomy Association and ostomy clients will be an integral part of the process, and indeed I have already attended one meeting with WRHA officials.

Third, you have already read the announcement on page one by Gay Hordienko E.T., Program Coordinator of the Manitoba Ostomy Program (MOP) of the establishment of an Enterostomal therapy position in Brandon to serve the needs of ostomy clients in south-western Manitoba, and the hiring of Helen Rankin E.T.

Fourth, the Winnipeg office of the MOP is scheduled to move to a new location shortly, more information to follow.

Many things are happening, but of course the big highlight will be the 8th Annual Conference of the United Ostomy Association of Canada, August 18 - 20, 2005 at the Delta Winnipeg. Plans are now in high gear in preparation for the event and more volunteers are needed, get involved, have fun!!

Our first Chapter meeting is September 22, reports from UOAC Conference in Gander, rap session, Jim Gawluk from Coloplast are on the agenda.

See you there!!

Brandon Announcement

This announcement is of interest to all ostomates and family members in south-western Manitoba.

A meeting has be called to explore the possibility of establishing an ostomy chapter in Brandon.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, October 21, 2004, from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00.P.M. in the Lecture Theatre, 2nd floor, Nurses Residence Building, Brandon Regional Center, 620 Frederick Street, Brandon, MB.

Sheelah Zapf, District Services Representative, Prairie Region, United Ostomy Association of Canada, along with Dave Page and Rosemary Gaffray from the Winnipeg Ostomy Association and Helen Rankin, ET, from Brandon will attend to offer their insights in this endeavour.

For further information please call Helen Rankin in Brandon at 578-4200 or Dave Page in Winnipeg at 775-2175.


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