March/April 2002
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Visiting Report

Visiting Report

We welcome our new Visiting Chairperson, Elaine Beyer, to our executive. She had a meeting with our executive on February 4th to learn the ropes and was immediately hard at work.

She would like to thank all the people who so willingly agreed to take time out their day to visit those who were either in the hospital, home or by phone. In the month of February, there were nine people that had visits. One person in particular was not sure whether they were going to go through with the operation but after the visit did have the operation.

I would like to announce the continuation of the W.O.A.'s free newsletter program. All visited new ostomates who consent receive two free issues of Inside Out mailed to them. We hope this helps them with their transition to life with an ostomy and also encourages them to join the association.

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