March/April 2002
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What Is Wellness

Wellness is a way of life; a life style you design in order to achieve your highest potential for well-being. It has four major dimensions, nutrition, physical awareness, stress reduction, and self-responsibility.

It is recognizing that the only thing that is certain in the universe is change. Although the change can be from sickness to wellness, wellness is more than the absence of illness. It is more that state which you attain and then sit back. It is not something another person can "do for you," through treatment or the application of a "guaranteed method." Wellness is an ever-expanding experience of purposeful enjoyable living and experience, which you create and direct your life by:


  1. Knowing what your real needs are and how to get them met is step one.
  2. Expressing emotions in ways that communicate what you are experiencing to other people.
  3. Acting assertively, and not passively or aggressively.
  4. Enjoying your body through nutrition, exercise and physical awareness.
  5. Being engaged in projects that are meaningful to you and reflect your most important inner values.
  6. Knowing how to create and cultivate close relationships with others.
  7. Responding to challenges in life as opportunities to grow in strength and maturity rather than feeling beset by problems.
  8. Creating the life you really want, rather than just reacting to what "seems to happen."
  9. Relating to troublesome physical symptoms in ways that bring improvement in the condition as well as increased knowledge about yourself.
  10. Knowing your own inner patterns, both emotional and physical and understanding the "signals" your body gives you.
  11. Trusting that your own personal resources are your greatest strength for living and growing.
  12. Experiencing yourself as a wonderful person!

Via The Honolulu Ostomy Assoc., Mar 1999 & OAB Bulletin, Apr. 2001, via Inside Out On-line Mar/Apr 2002.

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