March/April 2002
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From The President's Desk

Greetings everybody,

I do hope you are well and have managed to survive the winter, at least so far. Winter is really hanging on this year. I am putting this together during the first weekend of March and I see that the forecast for the next week is continuing below normal temperatures with strong winds. Maybe by the time you read this, Old Man Winter's Boss, Mother Nature, will have given him the boot allowing us to enjoy some delightful spring weather.

Chapter Meetings
At the January meeting, Evelyn Waldera, who had ostomy surgery in March 1946, reflected on her early days as an ostomate, long before E.T. nurses and the advent of the modern appliances of today. Her presentation was very enlightening as she demonstrated some of the examples of the old appliances of 50 years ago. All in attendance expressed amazement at the problems faced by ostomates in those early years. Thank you Evelyn.

In February, Gigi Dubuque, our new Hollister representative joined us and presented the newest appliances and supplies available. She gave an excellent presentation answering many questions from the floor and was approached by many people on an individual basis with questions. Those of us who attended both meetings realized just how fortunate we are when it comes to the excellent quality and availability of ostomy supplies of today. Thank you Gigi.

E.T.'s were present at both meetings, Angie Libbrecht in January and Marcie Lyons in February. Both were put on the 'hot seat' which created some lively discussion as they answered a good number of questions from those in attendance.

SMD Clearinghouse Open House
On Wednesday, February 27th, the Clearinghouse sponsored an 'Open House' where all of the 17 member organizations had display tables. Lunch was available for $3.00. Based on a Hawaiian theme, there was a hammock available at 5 minutes for a looney. It was an opportunity not only for the different organizations to get to know each other better, but also for many invited guests from the Health department, the WRHA and from other departments at SMD to become acquainted with the different Clearinghouse groups. Accolades have been pouring in from all over! It was a great event, and plans are starting to form for next year. Thanks must be extended to Clearinghouse CEO Nigel Baseley and Resource Coordinator Gail Hillier for their efforts in organizing the event. Thanks are extended to Helmut Friesen and Rosemary Gaffray for working with me on the WOA display.

Visiting Coordinator
In January I wrote of the urgent need for a Visiting Coordinator. I am pleased to announce the appointment of Elaine Beyer R.N. to the position effective February 4th. An ostomate, Elaine is a Nursing Instructor and Team Leader at Red River College. Thank you Elaine.

Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Winnipeg Ostomy Association will be held on Wednesday, April 24, 2002, beginning at 7:30 P.M. in Room 203 - 825 Sherbrook St., Winnipeg. The purpose of this meeting is to receive annual reports, the election of officers for the term September 1, 2002 to August 31, 2003, and any other needed business.

Chair: Nomination Committee
Bill Aitken has agreed to serve as chair of the nominations committee. Should any of you wish to stand for office please inform Bill either at a chapter meeting or by contacting him by phone in Gimli at: 204-642 -5978 or by e-mail to . All positions are open. Nominations will also be welcome from the floor during the the meeting.

I have received nomination forms for various positions on the UOAC Executive and Board of Directors. Should you be interested please contact me.

Wine & Cheese Party
Our annual Wine and Cheese party will be held at the chapter meeting on Wednesday, May 22. Forms will be available at both the March and April chapter meetings for you to indicate what you will donate in the way of food for the party. Also donations will be accepted anytime i.e., chapter meetings or at the door for the silent auction.

That's it for now,

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