February 2010
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Leaking Wine Barrel

What Would You Do If?

By Ellice Feiveson

Trust me, every ostomate has had or will have an "ostomy accident." By accident, I mean a pouch leak of some kind. The question is, "are you prepared in case an accident occurs away from home?" Not so much prepared as far as having a change of clothes and extra pouches, but prepared emotionally to deal with the unexpected mishap. The reality of it is that every ostomate must think of what he or she would do if at a party, in a restaurant, work or anywhere else, your pouch leaked because it wasn't on securely, or the clasp came off and the contents were spilling out. The question is, "What do you do if you feel your pouch is not on securely or you feel wet around your pouch? First of all, you think that everyone is noticing you and knows what's happening. Stay calm. Go to the nearest bathroom and take care of business. Most likely, your friends are continuing their conversation in the restaurant or in your workplace and no one knows you are temporarily missing. When I encountered an accident while I was in a group situation, I just removed myself and took my time in freshening up and rejoined my friends. No explanation is ever necessary! The more outings you take and the more public situations you are in, the more confident you will be as time goes on.

SOURCE: Metro Maryland: Dallas Ostomatic News:The Re-Route on-line, Evansville, IN January 2010, via Inside Out On-line Feb/10.

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