February 2010
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Did You Know That

Did You Know That?

  1. The Winnipeg Ostomy Association is a not-for-profit registered charity.
  2. The Winnipeg Ostomy Association issues charitable donation receipts for donations of $10.00 or more.
  3. Donations received go towards the running and promotion of the Winnipeg Ostomy Association; production of the newsletter; training of visitors; printing of brochures, educational and informational material.
  4. Donations earmarked for Youth Camp are used each year to help send young ostomates to the United Ostomy Association of Canada's youth camp near Bragg Creek, Alberta.
  5. The Winnipeg Ostomy Association receives Memorial Donations.
  6. A Donation form can be accessed on the home page of our Website: www.ostomy-winnipeg.ca
  7. The Donation form can also be accessed through the Winnipeg Free Press Website: www.winnipegfreepress.com - then click at top right - 'obituaries' - then, on the left, 'charities' - and scroll down to the Winnipeg Ostomy Association link.

Via Inside Out On-line Feb/10.

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