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The United Ostomy Association, Inc. ceased operations on September 30. 2005. They have reformed, with a different structure, under the name “United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc.”

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Ostomy Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Hollister Ltd., Canada, ostomy supply manufacturer. (Can. 1-800-263-7400)
  • BBraun of Canada, ostomy supply manufacturer.
  • Canada Care Medical, Ostomy products from the world’s leading manufacturers. (Can. 1-800-267-8855)
  • Coloplast Canada, ostomy supply manufacturer. (Can. 1-888-880-8605)
  • COS Medical, Inc., continent ostomy products and other medical supplies.
  • ConvaTec, a major ostomy supply manufacturer. (Can. 1-800-465-6302)
  • Cymed Ostomy Co., ostomy supply manufacturer. (U.S. 1-800-582-0707)
  • Dansac, ostomy supply manufacturer.
  • T.G. Eakin Ltd, ostomy seals, available through ConvaTec in Canada (Toll-Free Can. (1-877-437-1777)
  • Marlen, ostomy supply manufacturer. (US (216) 292-7060)
  • Nu-Hope, ostomy supply manufacturer. (Toll-Free Can. & USA 1-800-899-5017)
  • is an online venture launched by our company, Ontario Ostomy Supply Ltd. (Can. 1-800-387-5150)
  • Osto-EZ-Vent, an air release vent company, In Canada, Cooper Med. (Can. 1-800-567-2881) or Ontario Ostomy Supply Ltd. (Can. 1-800-387-5150)
  • Parthenon Company, (Devrom & DecKo), U.S. Mail and Online order company.

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