Bequests and Donations

  • Have You thought of Making a Donation to the WOA?

Did you know that:

  • the WOA is a registered not for profit organization?
  • donations of $10.00 or more to the Winnipeg Ostomy Association receive an income tax receipt?
  • there are tax savings advantages when bequeathing a donation in your will to a registered organization like The Winnipeg Ostomy Association?
  • the Winnipeg Ostomy Association relies on your membership dues for our day to day operations?
  • our newsletter, the visiting program, and other WOA functions all rely on the support from your membership dues?
  • there would be no Manitoba Ostomy Program if the Winnipeg Ostomy Association had not asked for it and later lobbied hard to maintain it?
  • that the Manitoba Ostomy Program is unique and looked on with envy in other provinces. It combines low ostomy equipment prices with professional E.T. nursing care?
  • the Winnipeg Ostomy Association works hard on behalf of Manitoba ostomates and pledges to continue its efforts in the future?
  • donations can be made by cheque. Please mark cheques “donation”, and make them out to the “Winnipeg Ostomy Association” and mail to:

The Winnipeg Ostomy Association
c/o P.O. Box 158
Pine Falls, Manitoba
R0E 1M0

The Winnipeg Ostomy Association will greatly appreciate your support!


A printable Donation Form is available by clicking here.

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