About Us

The Winnipeg Ostomy Association (WOA) a self-help group formed in 1972 to assist people with ostomy and related surgeries in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. We are strictly a volunteer organization, depending on member involvement to operate and on membership dues to pay expenses. The WOA has a current membership of 260 and there are about 3000 ostomates in the Province of Manitoba. The Winnipeg Ostomy Association (WOA) is a chapter of the The Ostomy Canada Society, a national voluntary health organization dedicated to assisting people who have or will have intestinal or urinary tract diversions.

We provide a visiting program to those having ostomy related surgeries. Trained and certified members visit people having ostomy surgery, either pre- or post-operatively, and provide information, share experiences and give emotional support. We visit up to100 people each year. We also provide educational services; support to the family unit; advocacy; and promote our services to the public and professional communities. Annual membership dues are currently Can$40.00. Here’s how to join. WOA members receive Inside Out, the chapter newsletter, The Ostomy Canada Society’s Ostomy Canada magazine, and the benefit of meeting others with ostomies and listening to ostomy related presentations at our regular meetings. The Winnipeg Ostomy Association is a not-for-profit registered charity and welcomes bequests and donations.

Executive, Committee and Medical Advisors
PresidentRandy Hullr.hull@shaw.ca
1st Vice-PresidentJudith Weidman204-898-9470
2nd Vice-PresidentGreg Warren204-488-7715
SecretaryArt Jones204-809-2915
TreasurerBarry Miller204-803-8333
Visiting CoordinatorBonnie Dyson204-669-5830
Program ChairEvhan Uzwyshyn204-668-2824
Member-at-LargeGeorgette Dobush204-781-9362
Member-at-LargeDonna Suggitt204-694-7660
PR ChairPR Chair204-669-5802
Past PresidentLorrie Pismenny204-489-2731
Judy Stamler
RECEPTION/HOSPITALITY:Rollie Binner204-667-2326
MEMBERSHIP:Rosemary Gaffray1-204-367-8031
LIBRARY/TAPES:Ursula Kelemen204-338-3763
CARDS:Jan Dowswell204-795-3933
NEWSLETTER EditorLorrie Pismenny204-489-2731
Newsletter MailingBert & Betty Andrews
WEBMASTERPeter Folk1-306-384-6059
VISITOR TRAININGLorrie Pismenny204-489-2731
FOW SUPPLIES PICK UPBarry Cox204-832-9088
E.T. NURSEMary Robertson RN,BN, ET MOP 204-938-5757
E.T. NURSECarisa Lux, RN, ET MOP 204-938-5757
E.T. NURSEAngie Libbrecht, RN, ET St. Bon. 204-237-2566
E.T. NURSEJennifer Bourdeaud'hui, RN, ET St. Bon. 204-237-2566
E.T. NURSERhonda Loeppky RN, ET St. Bon. 204-237-2566
E.T. NURSEBonita Yarjau, RN, ET H.S.C. 204-787-3537
E.T. NURSEElaine Beyer, RN, ET H.S.C. 204-787-3537
E.T. NURSETina Rutledge, RN, ET H.S.C. 204-787-3537
E.T. NURSEHelen Rankin, RN, BN, ET Brandon 1-204-578-4205
E.T. NURSEChristie Tuttosi, RN, BN, ET Brandon 1-204-578-2320