The Winnipeg Ostomy Association (WOA) is a chapter of the United Ostomy Association (UOA), a voluntary health organization dedicated to assisting people who have or will have intestinal or urinary tract diversions. We are also a member of the United Ostomy Association of Canada. We provide emotional support and educational services; support to the family unit; advocacy; and promoting these services to the public and professional communities. Members receive the U.O.A. Ostomy Quarterly magazine, a chapter newsletter, and the benefit of meeting others with ostomies at our regular meetings. The Winnipeg Ostomy Association is a not-for-profit registered charity and welcomes bequests and donations.

WOA Executive Officers, Committees & ET Listing

What is an Ostomy?

The word ostomy signifies a type of surgery required when a person has lost the normal function of the bladder or bowel due to birth defects, disease, injury or other disorders. Such operations include colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy.
The surgery allows for normal bodily wastes to be expelled through a new surgical opening (stoma) on the abdominal wall. Most persons with ostomies must wear special appliances over the stoma.

In Manitoba there are over 1800 ostomates, nearly 60% of which, are 65 years of age or older.

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Visitation Services

A Visiting Service is available for anyone who has or will have an intestinal or urinary tract diversion. We provide pre-operative and post-operative visiting at the request of the patient.This service is provided to members and non-members alike.

The WOA runs a visiter training program each year. New visitors undergo a full days training by medical personnel and each vistor undergos an evening retraining session every two years.
All visits are done in consultation with the medical professionals involved in each case.

Please contact our Visiting Chairperson, Christel Spitzer at 661-3068.


  1. The W.O.A. publishes "Inside Out" our chapter newsletter, 5 times a year.(The "Inside Out" page is under construction, opening Fall '95).
  2. The U.O.A. publishes the "Ostomy Quarterly" 4 times a year.
  3. We have informational pamphlets on various related topics available.

How to Contact Us?

Our Meetings Are?

All persons with ostomies, spouses, family members, friends and interested members of the medical profession are very welcome to attend our meetings and social functions. Meetings are held at St. Boniface Hospital Auditorium, at 8:00 p.m. sharp on the 3rd Wednesday of every month (except June, July, August and December).

We usually have guest speakers on a variety of health related topics at our meetings. I will update the Upcoming Events once a program is confirmed.

Upcoming Events

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How to Join the W.O.A?

Please send a copy of this form to:
Betty Friesen, 121 - 25 A Valhalla Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. R2G 0X7

Please enroll me as a member of the Winnipeg Ostomy Association:

I am enclosing annual membership dues of C$30.00 ______
I am unable to pay dues at this time, but would like to be a member. ______

Please make cheque payable to the "Winnipeg Ostomy Association."

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How to Contact Us?

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Need Ostomy Supplies?

Ostomy supplies are distributed through the Home Care Program in Manitoba. This is a part of the Provincial Government's Department of Health.

At the present time, for Manitoba residents, half of the first $600 cost of ostomy supplies is paid by the Ostomate, with the remaining $300 and any amount over $600 paid for by the Provincial Government.

Hours of operation are: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please contact:

Home Care,
1500 Regent Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba. R2C 3A8
Ph. 945-8603 or 1-800-561-8313

Supplies are also available in Winnipeg, outside of the Home Care Plan, from: Please contact Mike Leverick or phone me at 256-7095 if you wish your name added to this list.

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Executive Officers


WOA Medical Advisors
Enterostomal Therapy Nurses

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What is the United Ostomy Association?

Mission: The United Ostomy Association Inc. is a voluntary health organization dedicated to assisting people who have or will have intestinal or urinary tract diversions by providing psychological support and education services, support to the family unit, advocacy and promoting the services of the organization to the public and professional communities.

The United Ostomy Association a member of the National Health Council and a charter member of the International Ostomy Association (IOA).

The UOA consists of 550 chapters across North America.

United Ostomy Association Inc.
36 Executive Park, Suite 120
Irvine, CA 92714-6744, U.S.A.
or call: 1-(800) 826-0826

What is the United Ostomy Association of Canada?

The United Ostomy Association of Canada Inc. is a member of the United Ostomy Association (UOA).

UOA of Canada, Inc., P.O. Box 46057,
College Park Post Office, 44 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON. Canada. M5B 2L8
(416) 595-5452
FAX (416) 595-9924

UOA of Canada, Inc. Office Location
322 Elm Street, Apt 203, Toronto.

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