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Welcome to the Winnipeg Ostomy Association website!

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The Winnipeg Ostomy Association (WOA) is a self-help group formed in 1972 to assist people with ostomy and related surgeries in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. We are strictly a volunteer organization, depending on member involvement to operate and on membership dues to pay expenses. The WOA has a current membership of 280 and there are about 3000 ostomates in the Province of Manitoba.

The Winnipeg Ostomy Association (WOA) is a chapter of Ostomy Canada Society, a national voluntary health organization dedicated to assisting people who have or will have intestinal or urinary tract diversions. We provide a visiting program to those having ostomy related surgeries. Trained and certified members visit people having ostomy surgery, either pre- or post-operatively, and provide information, share experiences and give emotional support. We visit over 100 people each year. We also provide educational services; support to the family unit; advocacy; and promote our services to the public and professional communities. Annual membership dues are currently Can$40.00.

Here’s how to join. WOA members receive Inside Out, the chapter newsletter, The Ostomy Canada Society’s semi-annual Ostomy Canada magazine, and the benefit of meeting other people with ostomies and listening to ostomy related presentations at our regular meetings. The Winnipeg Ostomy Association is a not-for-profit registered charity and welcomes bequests and donations.

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